The Great Minnesota Get Together – “Fat on a stick”

On a StickOK, so I’m guilty of this as well, so I shouldn’t be complaining…..but, I’m going to anyway.

Every year I go to the state fair to enjoy some of the best people watching Minnesota has to offer and to enjoy countless items plastered onto a stick and then deep fried. Truely some of my greatest people watching experiences at the fair have involved me riding the bus to the fair with the honest intention of eating only one item on a stick.

Every year I tell myself not to induldge on anything on a stick costing more than four dollars. This option should help me leave feeling very good about myself and with a few extra dollars in my pocket to think about giving to the homeless man under the bridge. But do I listen to myself? Do I ever have any extra change to give the homeless man pan handeling underneath the many bridges I pass on the way back to the bus stop. No, I don’t listen to my brain, only to my stomach. Then leaving the fair several hours later, on the same bus, only to miss my stop because I fell asleep holding a half eaten stick of glutony, do I realize that I just DESTROYED the last month of my diet in a single afternoon.

This fall I’m determined to keep my promise. The lesson to be learned is: Eat to fuel your body, not to destroy it!