Why is protein going to help me lose weight?


Public knowledge for many years was that increased protein consumption was only for those looking to build a lot of muscle.

This is definitely true. However, the truth is also that a high protein diet is also very beneficial for those looking to lose weight.

The thermic effect that protein enriched foods gives off is something that nutritionists and personal trainers use to the success of your weight loss. In short, eating high protein foods will increase your bodies caloric expenditure when digestion occurs.

Essentially, protein is more difficult for your body to digest, so you will burn more calories!

Other reasons for protein to induce weight loss:

  1. Fullness – protein is a filler! When we consume carbs, fat, etc. we get sluggish, tired and lazy. Protein however gives us the feeling of being full, without the garbage.
  2. Increased metabolic rate (your metabolism is faster because of the thermic effect of food)
  3. Less lean muscle loss so your body doesn’t rely on protein in the muscle for energy
  4. Your body uses sugars for energy instead of storing them as fat.

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