Worst Foods In America

I recently recieved an email from a client listing the top 10 worst foods in America. I don’t know how credible the list is, however these are foods the majority of us have either heard of or digested at one point or another.

Here are the foods found in the fit state of Minnesota:

  1. Chipotle chicken burrito – 1,179 cal., 7g fat, 125g carbs, 2,656mg sodium
  2. Ruby Tuesday Bella Turkey Burger – 1,145 cal., 71g fat, 56g carbs
  3. Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips from McDonalds – 830 cal., 48 carbs
  4. Macaroni Grill Double Mac N Cheese – 1,210 cal., 62g fat
  5. Quiznos Classic Italian Sandwich – 1370 cal., 86g fat
  6. P. F. Changs Pork Lo Mein – 1,820 cal., 127g fat, 95g carbs
  7. Outback Steak House Aussie Cheese Fries – 2,900 cal., 182g fat, 240g carbs

For the majority of us, eating out is inevitable. However, no matter what restaurant we choose to eat at, there are always decisions we can make to make eating-out healthier:

  1. Ask for a salad, substituting romaine lettuce for iceberg lettuce, with a grilled chicken breast and fat free dressing on the side.
  2. Order fish or white meat off the grill.
  3. Drink a glass of water before ordering an appetizer.
  4. Control portion sizes
  5. Ask for whole grain bread, buns, etc.
  6. Request that your meal be prepared with olive oil, veg. oil, etc.
  7. For desert ask for sherbet or fruit instead of cake and ice cream.

And there you have it.